The Secure Solution

files storage and sharing for companies

It is based on CLOUD and infrastructure services offered by Amazon AWS
for different geographic regions. Implements a private hybrid CLOUD solution.

My-Drive a "private CLOUD" solution

Files storage and access from any locations for distributed offices or remote working. Easy to be used by big teams or small ones.

My-Drive offers files access using standard WEB interfaces available for any device and operating systems. Files are stored in private CLOUD ( Amazon AWS S3 Object storage).
Data protection at rest using strong encryption and secure data transfer is used at any time. The system can be integrated with third party solutions using secured access interfaces (RESTful API's)


Short presentation

Installation manual

License (EULA)


The solution uses Amazon AWS resources and pricing policy for monthly payments. You will need an Amazon AWS account. Pay as you go.
It is based on EC2 instances for web-services and Amazon S3 CLOUD object storage. The EC2 instances can be selected from Amazon Marketplace, however in order to have the solution up and running several actions are required and some of them require AWS specific knowledge.
Requires settings and implementation within your Amazon AWS account.

EC2 price is per hour and starts at 0.03USD excluding AWS EC2 price that depends on the instance specifications. The price per one EC2 server is around 22 USD/ month for T2 small instances.
Amazon S3 storage price is around 0.03 USD/Gb/Month
Implementation price vary and depend on third party service providers* pricing. The attached "Installation manual" offers required information.





0.03USD/hour ~ 22USD/month for the software

My-Drive AWS Marketplace



~0,03 USD/Gb/Month

Object storage price



Depending on service provider fees*.

* a company or individual that has AWS knowledge's in order to implement the solution and to offer related services

SSL offers solutions for SSL certificates for all possible scenarios 

One utility to get a free basic SSL certificate from Let's encrypt can be found at

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